We can take care of any maintenance work needed: street and parking lot lighting, interior lighting for offices, warehouses, factories and retail businesses, as well as illuminated signs and much more.

Seasonal Maintenance

Need to refresh your sign after the harsh winter? We provide every type of maintenance service related to illuminated signs. Whether it’s repainting the sign enclosure or painting the sign posts, we can take care of the work you need done.

We can also wash your signs inside and out and repair them if they are defective to enhance your image and make your signs shine again!


We repair the following signs:

  • CheckBallasts/transformers
  • CheckAwnings
  • CheckDamaged structures
  • CheckFluorescent/neon tubes
  • CheckPlexiglass replacement
  • CheckScrolling gas station price displays
  • CheckLED systems
    (Novyc, Futur Media, Daktronics, Sunshine, Guru, Nu-Media and Able)

Minor and Major
Electrical Work

Imacom-Média offers its customers minor electrical work such as work on the electrical components inside signs. Our teams are also available to do major work that requires the expertise of an electrician.


We offer this service specifically to service station owners to make them aware that we also take care of canopy and awning maintenance work.

For fast, efficient and competitively priced service, contact us to find out about our service contracts.

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